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her hair and lips change to the color of your blog

Rain dropping into water is a fantastic sight. Just watching it “ker-plop” into the water and cause a shockwave that meets other shockwaves. I think it implies the same enjoyment people feel when they jump into a puddle of water, or dip their toes into a lake. 

One thing I miss about having someone is being able to just cuddle and watch a movie together and I mean actually watch the movie, not the whole gay stereotype “We can watch a movie, but we won’t end up watching it cause something sexual will go down.” I mean just being able to watch a movie, be it a scary movie, comedy, drama and share each others company without any sexual pretense. Just genuinely enjoy each others company and warmth; the true act of intimacy. I think that’s what I miss the most. It’s not about sex (for me) it’s about being with another human being and sharing something so much deeper than sexual satisfaction. If you find someone that can (and/or is willing to) take you to that next level? You better snatch them up quick, cause those are the ones that are rare to find and the ones to really keep. ‪#‎FoodForThought‬‪#‎LateNightInsomniaThoughts‬

I wanna be your “1am I can’t sleep” text

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